YOUR BRAND: Are You Created to Succeed and Programmed to Fail?

If you were to ask Roger Ailes (who built a media powerhouse as Chairman and CEO of Fox News and the Fox Television Stations Group) about branding and communication. He would tell you, “You are the Message – Get What You Want by Being Who You Are.” In fact, that’s the title of his book.

Your brand reflects the key components in building life and work models. These models support a life and style that you create.  No matter how many motivational and inspirational events you attend (or resolutions you make) if you do not develop a structureDrifting Demons to support and sustain your intentions, your brand will drift.

Up to 77% of the programs you carry in your head are negative, counter-productive, or work against you. Research uncovers that (whether true or not) what you say about yourself programs your thoughts. Programming influences your actions and how you see yourself. It also affects how you think the world sees you. That programming determines how you regard yourself in terms of self-esteem, self-confidence, attitudes and beliefs.

The good news is that you can change your programming. In his book, WHO ARE YOU REALLY AND WHAT DO YOU WANT?, Dr. Shad Helmstetter (PhD) gives you ten key areas and eight important steps to goal setting. I add one element to the formula: INTENTION. Intention is an assigned value or purpose from which you approach your choices. As an example, your approach to your actions might be with courage, love, charm, humility, forward looking (not looking back), etc.

Don’t know where to begin on your goals? Start a 2016 Journal by rating the following ten key areas from 1-10 (one being the worst/ten being the best).  Once you rate each key life area, ask yourself… What would it take to be a 10?”  Then follow the eight steps of goal setting and add your intention for this year. To avoid overwhelm, approach your goals in 90-day increments. You should see and celebrate significant progress.


Life Style Self- Esteem
Health & Fitness Personal Organization & Control
 Job/Career  Personal Relationships
 Money/Finances  Personal Growth
 Quality of Life  Other _____________


  1. Identify the goal: (a) Goal of Enrichment – Internal desire to improve your life or expand your horizons. (b) Goal of Necessity – Usually brought on by something happening in your life that needs attention.
  2. Write it down: Your goal statement should always start with “To….” Put it in words, write it down and keep it simple. Under the goal attach… “I will see significant progress by (date).”
  3. Write down date to reaching the goal
  4. List the obstacles to reaching the goal
  5. After each obstacle, write and date the action steps you are going to take
  6. Prioritize your focus goals: Even if you have two to three goals for each of your key areas, you can only focus on two or three of them at a time… each week examine which two or three goals you need to keep in front of you.
  7. Review and track your goals on a weekly schedule: Update and change when necessary
  8. Reward yourself when you reach each goal (and reward yourself along the way)


Your intention for the year becomes the blanket or mantle wrapped around each of your ten key areas. It filters throughout all elements of your life and naturally integrates into your goals. Begin by choosing an intention and asking yourself… “What does that mean to me?” Then write it out in your journal.  By this time next year, you will find that having defined your intention and lived it throughout the year, you BECOME it. The intention is wholly integrated into your programming.

INTENTION: This is my year for…

  • Purging /Letting Go
    • Healthy Living/Thinking
    • Forgiveness
    • Unconditional Love
    • Repair
    • Receiving
    • Giving/Sharing
    • Generosity
    • Courage
    • Living Fully
    • Bold Moves
    • Healing


Suzy is Suzy B&Wa leadership, branding and strategy coach who brings vivid energy to the stories behind the brand.  Her talent covers a diversity of professional circles who recruited her expertise from small business entrepreneurs to global companies.  The Australian Trade Commission, CIBIS Federal, Ernst & Young Management Consulting and Multi-family Consortium are among the members of her work portfolio. For more information about Suzy go to:


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