Walt Disney Pictures – 1993

In the year 1693, sisters, Winifred, Mary and Sarah were executed for their unforgivable witchcraft. They captured and sucked the life out of children. Just before their execution, Winifred made a curse – a curse that when a virgin lights the black flame candle on Halloween night, in their house, they shall return … 1993, 300 years later, Max decides to light the candle in order to scare his irritating sister Dani and his wannabe girlfriend Alison. Now, the three Witches are back ready for a night of fun, magic and horror in the now modern area of Salem. – HOCUS POCUS Plot Summary Written by BHamazonking

Do you feel like Winifred, Mary and Sarah are knocking at your door?  You don’t have to put flame to a candle to conjure today’s – Comedy, Fantasy and Horror.  In 1693, they went after kids; today, they aim at sucking the life out of farm and ranch families and cursing U.S. food production. Three faces shaping today’s sorcery come in the form of Climate Change, Environmental (Green Movement) and Animal Welfare. And, if you are not on board, you are not cool… In fact, you are a down-right criminal in some circles. Yikes! Talk about the leading edge of horror…

As you learn to play with the enchanters threatening U.S. agriculture in comedy-fantasy-horror, you realize how fickle their stand and unreliable their conclusions.  Further, you recognize their signature wizardry used to whip their followers into a state of fear by weaving narrow arguments picked from junk science, no relevant science and/or weak research if any at all.  The more you watch the easier it is to identify their black magic. It falls into few areas – all, of which, are cloaked in the modifiers – could, may, should, might, industrial, factory, etc. – as it relates to diets and U.S. plant and animal food production.

So, how do you reassure a nervous consumer?  First, move past the global soundbites and bumper sticker slogans.   Next begin a conversation.  Invite the consumer into your world using genuine hospitality, a giving heart and a good out-reach program.  Tell your story. As they get to know you, they develop a bond of trust and are less likely to fall under the curse of black magic.


Suzy B&WRaised on a ranch in the Nebraska Sandhills, Suzy Graven grasps the grit and spirit of life behind the Brand.  She grew up among the tales and trails that opened the West; the people who survived depressions, dust bowls, world wars and prosperity.   Follow her as she uncovers the stories of the people and communities tucked away from the usual.Founder of Savvy Woman Productions LLC – Suzy is a leadership, branding and strategy coach who brings vivid energy to the stories behind the brand.  Her talent covers a diversity of professional circles who recruited her expertise from small business entrepreneurs to global companies.  The Australian Trade Commission, CIBIS Federal, Ernst & Young Management Consulting and Multi-family Consortium are among the members of her work portfolio.For more information about Suzy go to: 

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