90 Day AGCOM Challenge – Changing the Customer’s Definition of Value

“Being called means surrendering the story we’ve been fighting to tell; and to instead, accept the story God wants to tell with our lives.”   –Ryan J. Pemberton, Called: My Journey to C.S. Lewis’s House and Back Again

Pam-steak-plate-555x368Join me for the 90 DAY AGCOM CHALLENGE.  Over the next 90 days, the focus is finding your voice and influence by communicating your story in the practice of food production in America.  Take stock of where you are (right now) and use the next 90 days to clear the clutter and lay a foundation to build pathways to communicate. I want to hear from you; your ideas, obstacles and wins.

Charlie Imm 1961 Nebraska Cattlemen Magazine


One of the best parts of growing up on a farm or ranch is how you learn to adapt to your environment. Today, the global green movement calls you to adapt to an environment created by those who define you by your carbon footprint. The movement wants to take control of what you produce by how you produce it. It reveals itself through all types of print, broadcast and social media, USDA initiatives, Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and now in the new HHS Dietary Guidelines (Section 6: Food Sustainability and Safety starting on line 252 of the report). The movement is not hiding. You may choose to stay silent until it is too late or you may choose to take a stand.

Today’s agriculture encompasses both small and big family farms. I emphasize FAMILY, because nearly 100% of farms and ranches are family owned.  From the backyard gardener to the Sanderson Farm family, adapting to your environment is your calling card.  It comes with growing pains. Today’s challenge is not based on economics or sound environmental science and outcomes. Today’s battle insinuates itself into minds and emotions through the lens of social justice and environmental movements. It both socially and politically defines an added moral and ethical product value. It is well fed by deception (some innocent and some intentional). The movement delivers a message that stirs anxieties that drive laws and regulations using climate change, carbon footprint, antibiotics and animal welfare into its twisted view of sustainability.

It is time for all Ag – up and down the food chain – to come together and develop a cohesive strategy, and craft your message.  Use your rich and vibrant stories to spread your value throughout your community and on to your urban neighbor. Get them to echo your story and beef up your influence with your local, state and national lawmakers. Show them how they can count on American Agriculture.

Suzy B&WRaised on a ranch in the Nebraska Sandhills, Suzy Graven grasps the grit and spirit of life behind the Brand.  She grew up among the tales and trails that opened the West; the people who survived depressions, dust bowls, world wars and prosperity.   Follow her as she uncovers the stories of the people and communities tucked away from the usual.Founder of Savvy Woman Productions LLC – Suzy is a leadership, branding and strategy coach who brings vivid energy to the stories behind the brand.  Her talent covers a diversity of professional circles who recruited her expertise from small business entrepreneurs to global companies.  The Australian Trade Commission, CIBIS Federal, Ernst & Young Management Consulting and Multi-family Consortium are among the members of her work portfolio.

For more information about Suzy go to: http://suzygraven.com

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