47 DAYS ON THE WALL – It’s a Strategy Not a Destination

Life can change in an instant; a…Last Breath …Phone Call …Knock at the Door …Divorce …Career move …Physical Move …Promotion …Demotion …any Unplanned Consequence.   How you manage the change depends on how clearly you understand YOU.


As you seek to manage stress and find clarity, balance and synergy in your life, you may recognize the hours spent  in creating and refining business plans or career paths; while, little attention to building a life plan.  Now, here you are.  The point where you realize energy spills over between your personal life and your work life.  What affects one side of the equation affects the other side.

The human spirit seeks security, control, and affection (approval).   Your perspective of life revolves around four stages of growth:  1) Survival, 2) Stability, 3) Success, and 4) Significance. Some may confuse significance with privilege.  However, privilege speaks to conformity, while significance is the product of transformation.  And, it is transformation (not privilege) that gets you to what you seek.

Even if your desire to grow a business or career,  your key to bringing balance and harmony into your life begins with your personal life plan. A plan built from the elements that set actions to your dreams and provide tools to manage and maintain your success cycle.  Remember, success is a strategy… not a destination, and that strategy is defined by you.

Today, Start a 100 Day Journal.  Set aside a few minutes at the beginning and end of your day to write in your exercises and thought.  Create your gratitude list, deconstruct and reconstruct the day as you bless the day and let it go.  Starting from where you are right now, begin defining strategies to get you where you want to go; define how you want to live, work and play, and discover what is important to you along the way.

Think about where you are now in your life.  Consider your work, play, relationships finances and anything that is important to you.

Balance Wheel

A.   My quality of life on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the best ever) is:  ____________

B.   What would it take to be a 10? What would it take to be a 10+? What would it take to be a 10++?

C.   List your real life responsibilities (Family, Available Funds, etc.)

D.  Who are you really?

  1. What does that mean?
  2. Define that:
  3. Tell me more:
  4.   List ten things that bring you a sense of joy and well-being:

F.  List 10 things that make you unhappy:

G.  List 50 things for which you are grateful:

This is the 6th Annual 100-DAY-CHALLENGE to the end of the year.How are you doing on your 2014 goals?  Do you have your ACTION PLAN yet?  What one thing can you do today to get you closer to your goal? There is a natural tendency to drift and lose focus as we approach the end of anything.  Drift can kill momentum and zap energy causing you to lose sight of the goal.   Take stock of where you are (right now) and use the final 100 days of the year to encourage, clear the clutter and build momentum.  This year we a look at – WHATEVER YOU PUT TO USE GROWS  how it  may help you or hurt you.

demo picture to croppedSuzy Graven is a Writer, Speaker and Life/Work Strategy Coach. She produces documentaries and leadership training seminars under the banner “Woman Behind the Brand™”.  Her unique experiences provides a doorway to work and learn from amazing leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs along with the sage of those who work closest to nature. This perspective serves as a catalyst for women wanting to grow their professional and personal lives. It leads to a thinking (anchored in real possibility) that generates vision and translates into effective action. You will gain power in dealing with every-day issues, and become free to live a major league life.   Go to http://suzygraven.com. For information on Suzy’s coaching and to book a her as a speaker, send your requests to:  suzy@suzygraven.com.

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