57 DAYS ON THE WALL – Where’s Your Hangout

It’s better to hang out with people better than you. Pick out associates whose behavior is better than yours and you’ll drift in that direction. –Warren Buffett

If you were to ask Warren Buffett where to begin when designing a successful model for life and pursuing your career, he would tell you that you learn through experience. Whether it be your own or from others with experience.  His own life story illustrates the power of learning from others and their models.  Arguably the greatest investor of all time, Buffett is a student of success models in his field.  As he gained experience along the way, he added his own creative touches and tones; shaping the models with his own unique thumb print. Warren Buffett is a living example of how hanging out with the right people teaches you how to shape models that reap great rewards.Model

You are surrounded with all kinds of great role models, business models,  financial models, investing models, relationship models, teaching models, acting and reacting models, relaxation models.  Replicating the right model gets you where you want consistently faster.  Be aware of your drift. The environment you are in can either lead to success or kill achievement.

Coaching Notes

  • Look at your goals; are they vibrant and reflect your Life Manifesto?
  • What fundamental model will you adopt?
  • What action can you take today that drives you closer to reaching your goal?

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