62 DAYS ON THE WALL – The Myth in Fear of Failure

Shining StarHave you noticed lately that everywhere you look you see the limiting value in fear of failure?  It appears to take top prize when it comes real and voodoo psyche as  to the reason why you do not succeed.  Yes, progress may be stifled because of fear.  It is part of your survival instinct (fight or flight).  Yet, success is achieved with healthy fear.  Well served fear flashes a red light, forcing  you to take a look as you set course toward a vision or goal. More often than not, you find that it is not the “fear of failure” that stops you, but rather undefined goals.

Your goal is that bright star to which you hitch your wagon. A clearly defined goal provides  you your sense of direction.  If you were to ask one of the most versatile authorities on the science of human potential, Zig Ziglar, he would say,  “When obstacles arise, you change your direction to reach your goal; you do not change your decision to get there.”

Check your fear.  Define your goal.  Don’t waste time reflecting on what didn’t work.  Pick yourself up, dust yourself and own the future you want. Do what you need to do to set your direction and create it.

62 DAYS ON THE WALL:  This is the 6th Annual 100 DAY CHALLENGE to the end of the year. How are you doing on your 2014 goals?  Do you have your ACTION PLAN yet?  What one thing can you do today to get you closer to your goal? There is a natural tendency to drift and lose focus as we approach the end of anything.  Drift can kill momentum and zap energy causing you to lose sight of the goal.   Take stock of where you are (right now) and use the final 100 days of the year to encourage, clear the clutter and build momentum.  This year we a look at – WHATEVER YOU PUT TO USE GROWS – how it may help you or hurt you.


Suzy CroppedSuzy Graven is a Writer, Speaker and Life/Work Strategy Coach. She produces documentaries and leadership training seminars under the banner “Woman Behind the Brand™”.  Her unique experiences provides a doorway to work and learn from amazing leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs along with the sage of those who work closest to nature. This perspective serves as a catalyst for women wanting to grow their professional and personal lives. It leads to a thinking (anchored in real possibility) that generates vision and translates into effective action. You will gain power in dealing with every-day issues, and become free to live a major league life.   Go to http://suzygraven.com. For information on Suzy’s coaching and to book a her as a speaker, send your requests to:  suzy@suzygraven.com.

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