78 DAYS ON THE WALL – Courage and Caution

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but the presence of faith.”

There are times when you take a leap of faith. Whether it is life, love, they-made-me-do-it or change-you-can-believe-in, faith (and the lack thereof) is a strong emotional glue that holds you to your convictions.

In this changing world, you often find yourself eager to do the right thing for your family, your work, your community and your world. No longer able to stay quiet, you struggle to find a way to play a role equal to what you believe attainable. Belief directs your frame-of-reference as you navigate through life with some reliability and purpose. You become more confident as your faith builds during your ever-transforming life.

Today, you are constantly showered with subjective, unreliable and false information regarding how clean you live, the food you eat, clothes you wear and your environmental impact. Emotional marketing magnifies the false narratives and stirs you into a state of overwhelm over what is right, ethical, healthy and environmentally sound.

And, there’s the rub. . .  Be cautious of where faith leads you. Belief is not always anchored in truth. You may find yourself fearfully clinging to a false belief (in something) as if it were a life preserver. Look before you leap!

Suzy CroppedSuzy Graven is a Writer, Speaker and Life/Work Strategy Coach. She produces documentaries and leadership training seminars under the banner “Woman Behind the Brand™”.  Her unique experiences provides a doorway to work and learn from amazing leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs along with the sage of those who work closest to nature. This perspective serves as a catalyst for women wanting to grow their professional and personal lives. It leads to a thinking (anchored in real possibility) that generates vision and translates into effective action. You will gain power in dealing with every-day issues, and become free to live a major league life.   Go to http://suzygraven.com. For information on Suzy’s coaching and to book a her as a speaker, send your requests to:  suzy@suzygraven.com.

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