Sandhill SunflowersA few months ago, I enrolled a friend to help me regarding an iconic landmark that I was researching for a documentary.  He agreed without hesitation and took the lead as host and grand tour guide on the back roads of America.   He introduced me to heirs and pointed out other (off the map) historic points of interests with stories that gave depth and breathed life into my work.   He stepped away from his own busy world to give his time to me and my project.

When you look at leadership, why do some succeed while others fall away?  What sets great leaders apart:  ability, wisdom, character, courage?  All are contributing attributes of a good leader.  However; those who find themselves in the company of great leadership, will tell you what separates great from good is an attitude of generosity to their sphere of influence.

Generosity supports longevity.  Leaders, who liberally give their gifts and talent without the thought of reciprocity, find their lives rich with supporters and devotees.  Generosity signals a sense of abundance showing the world you have much to offer.

This week look for opportunities where you might increase your generosity in your sphere of influence.


91 Days on the Wall to the end of the year; how are you doing on your 2013 goals? Do you have an ACTION PLAN yet? What one thing can you do today to get you closer to your goal?  There is a natural tendency to drift and lose focus as we approach the end of anything. Drift can kill momentum and zap energy causing you to lose sight of the goal. Take stock of where you are (right now) and use the final 100 days of the year to encourage, clear the clutter and build momentum. The first 90 Days sets a pace to achieve your year-end goals. The last 10 days celebrates how far you have come, leaving you energized with the stage set to make 2014 your Best Year Ever!!

Keep me posted!!

demo picture to croppedSuzy Graven is a Speaker and Life/Work Strategy Coach. She produces documentaries and leadership training seminars under the banner “Woman Behind the Brand™”.  Her unique experiences provides a doorway to work and learn from amazing leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs along with the sage of those who work closest to nature. This perspective serves as a catalyst for women wanting to grow their professional and personal lives. It leads to a thinking (anchored in real possibility) that generates vision and translates into effective action. You will gain power in dealing with every-day issues, and become free to live a major league life.   Go to http://suzygraven.com. For information on Suzy’s coaching and to book a her as a speaker, send your requests to:  Suzy@suzygraven.com

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