“The king is the man/woman who can.” ~ Thomas Carlyle

Chess KingThere are core elements that come together on the road to achievement. Among these, attitude is the most potent ingredient in your personal and professional accomplishments. A positive, generous and proactive outlook gets you further in life than talent, education or experience.

Remarkable leaders take-in life like a sponge; soaking up people, places and experiences. Amid my boundless direction and lessons of life, came an instructor in a business class who taught, “The difference between getting a job and losing a job is never saying you can’t.”   Then she explained, “Use the time (you have) to get familiar or up-to-speed.  What you don’t know, find someone who does.”  That single piece of advice took me places beyond anything I would have imagined. It put me ahead of the curve in many key positions and built my self-confidence.

A natural fact is that your greatest growth occurs when you do not know you can’t.  It places you in a position to have to stretch and transition (we know all the lessons are in the transitions).  Certain times you will find yourself lost in a maze.  Nevertheless, as you push your way through the web of uncertainty, you uncover and build a treasure of skills and agility that adds richness and depth to your future experiences. You learn to ask for help and bring people into your life who know more than you.  Your field-of-play becomes bigger, familiar and much clearer.

The can-do attitude is not blind.  You learn and use your wisdom to build toward better choices.  It is exactly that attitude, wisdom and adaptability that makes your leadership uniquely yours and moves you from being “One in a Million” to becoming “One of a Kind”!

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