What are the qualities that produce an abundant and fulfilling life?  I know it may foreign to some; thinking that one magically creates abundance in your life.  However, abundance is a state of mind not a status position. The Savvy Woman has a way of breathing new life into a situation while turning something ordinary into extraordinary.  You find simple solutions to complicated questions and artfully step outside the box to design pathways to the outcome you desire. rose cropped

There are certain qualities and distinctions the Savvy Woman presents that give rise to your influence both personally and professionally.  You may already live some of the qualities, while others are buried somewhere beneath the clutter of conflicting beliefs and experiences that set the stage for how you show up today.

What separates the Savvy Woman from others is a certain magnetism, wisdom and great sense of self.  It begins with knowing yourself very well.  From that centered perspective you build the framework around where you are going and why.  You have a rhythm and style all your own; a knowing that you are the source of whatever you attract in your life.

Caution! Making things happen does not mean dictating your life and leaving carnage in your path.  It does mean that you become the proactive advocate in your life by creating success strategies and actions steps using the power of intention. As you build your savvy muscle, you will become aware of a shift in your perspective, and feel a significant change in how the universe responds to you.  The deeper you examine these essential qualities, the more finely tuned you become to whom you are and how you chose to live, work and play.

While we each have savvy within us, we don’t always recognize our gift (nor trust it). Only you know how to grow and develop your own savvy style.  Find your role models, take what you can use and leave the rest.  Because, the Savvy Woman knows that at any time, you can choose to play by the rules of the game you are in or become a game changer!

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