Pray for the People

It’s a bitter-sweet Monday: An iconic actress we knew in our youth… is gone. A woman of courage who led a nation and changed world view… is gone.  A beautiful giving woman who was serving children in Afghanistan… is gone.  A special Mother who prayed over her son’s future wife is now near the end of her earthly life. We remember and pray over these amazing women and honor how God used them foPrayingr the good of others.

Over the weekend one father lost his son to mental illness, while another father reunites with his infant son. I am constantly reminded of one of my favorite songs – Pray For the People. This soulful ballad calls us to lift each other up as we pray for the person on our right and our left. The text says it all: “They may seem strong, but we don’t know all of the struggles and the burdens they hold.” Pray to the person on your left; Pray for the person on your right…

Let us turn this Monday into a day to hug those you love, do something nice for the person next to you; and, give everyone the time and attention due them. Tomorrow may be too late.

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