stop signsHave you noticed lately that everywhere you look you see the limiting value in fear of failure?  Yes, there are times when we do not proceed because of our fear of failure.  But, what if that is not always a bad thing? What if you saw it as a device of healthy fear?  Fear is part of our survival instinct (fight or flight).  If we use fear well, we find a safe place to take a look and sort fantasy from vision. After all, if our goal is to cross a street of heavy traffic, we would not take a step forward until we looked both ways before proceeding. If it is a fantasy, we would find the endeavor not worth the energy to pursue.  But, if we have a driving need to cross the street; we would work to find the way to safely get to the other side.

Many times failure is not the issue that stops us.  If you are popular personality, it is fear of not looking good doing it; wisdom personalities have fear of not appearing prudent or intelligent, power personalities want have command.  Each of these personalities feed the energy of what we bring to the table of life.  When we know who we are, we add a valuable tool to how we look at failure

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