92 DAYS ON THE WALL – What Do You Think?

Are you working your Action Plan to reach your 2012 goals?  There is a natural tendency to drift and lose focus as we approach the end of anything.  Drift can kill momentum and zap energy causing you to lose sight of the goal.  This challenge takes stock of where you are (right now) and uses the last 100 days of the year to encourage, clear the clutter and build momentum to the end of the year.

Achievement, of anything, rises from four principles: 1) how you think, 2) the level of your desire, 3) faith, and 4) tenacity.

HOW YOU THINK MATTERS! If you think you can, you will.  If you do not know you can, you might.  If you think you cannot, you won’t.  Your thinking is the driver of all things.  There is power in positive thinking.  That perspective gives you the ability to see that failure is not personal only feedback.

Power thinkers use visualization as a connection to their future.  Driven by their desire, they picture their future selves;  the look, what they do, work, play, how they feel and the people who surround them.

Walt Disney and Ray Kroc were vision thinkers.  While serving together as Red Cross ambulance drivers during WWI, they used their waiting-time imagining their futures.  They visualized every detail of their future selves and work; the look, feel, taste, experience and beyond.   From their dreams, 16 year old (Disney) became the most gifted and prolific creator and visionary in animation and family entertainment, and the 15 year old (Kroc) built a hamburger shop into the most successful fast food operations in the world (McDonald’s).

The ultimate achievements of Walt Disney and Ray Kroc combine all four principles of success: 1)   dreams clearly visualized, 2) desire so robust that nothing could stop them, 3) a compelling faith that they knew they could do it; and, 4) the enduring tenacity to see it through.

COACHING NOTES:   Pick one goal you want to achieve between now and the end of the year.  Apply the four principles and see how committed you really are to achieving it.  If you cannot find one goal that fires you up, then take the time to contemplate what one thing will, and start to focus on it daily for 30 minutes.  Visualize how it would look and feel.  What one thing can you do today to work toward that vision?

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