Confidence… If you doubt, you’re out!

You cannot lack confidence and be positive at the same time, and when you doubt yourself, you’re out!  A positive and grateful attitude are potent ingredients in your success, both personally and professionally.  Being positive and proactive gets you one step further in life than talent, education or experience alone.  Once you realize there is life after having failed, been fired or not lived up to someone’s(or your) expectation, you shed much of your fear of failure.  After all, “What’s the worst that can happen?”

Science tells us that confidence goes viral.  If you have it, positive energy infects what you do and those around you.  If you lack it, you fear what you do not know and question tasks that you may otherwise do well.   The “lack of” takes a strangle hold on your thinking and a belief that can paralyze you into doing nothing.

I ask you… what is the risk of doing nothing?  What do you have to lose?  I often explain to my clients that to spread one’s wings and soar, you either know you can or find yourself in a place that you have nothing left to lose.   There is something about letting go of your stuff that frees you.  It comes incrementally.

Confidence spreads with success whereas lack of confidence multiplies failures.  When you find your confidence vacillating, fill your “confidence” cup with what you do well, then challenge yourself with an “I CAN DO IT!” task.  Do not be afraid to ask for help.

As I think through my own achievements (big or small), I see a magic in the fact that I either knew I could or did not recognize that I couldn’t… for those tough times (when I question my abilities) I challenge myself – supported by my sons, friends and faith to help push me through.

Today, start building confidence by practicing a can-do attitude and see how far you get.  You can do it!

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