Success – What Moves You and What Keeps You?

“Find your passion, find your purpose”…the mantra fills our psyche from all corners in every shape and size.  It has become so commercial that, at times, it can whip into a collective frenzy that becomes the single motivator determining our actions and goals. Those goals are good or bad depending on what degree energy drives you:

Unleashed Energy

a virtual cyclone of fervor, excitement, enthusiasm, zeal, obsession, rage, anger and fury. This energy influences the love/hate motivator (as well as everything between).  It is the “IT” factor in compulsive choices and movement.

BEWARE! Passion can also leave you with an angry hangover.  When you recognize that passion is not a commitment (but rather the energy behind the commitment), you begin to appreciate how passion may move you, but it will not keep you.  It often has a “Cotton Candy Effect” (Making your mouth water for want and dissolves as soon as it touches your tongue).

Passion is an energy force. You cannot choose, commit or preserve passion.  It sweeps in on its own accord; fills the spirit and gets your attention while seizing control of your emotions.   There is nothing right or wrong with pure passion. However, beware of this fickle and unreliable energy that fuels your grand illusions and delusions then abandons you as the flame burns out.  The best you can do with passion is recognize its arrival and give it room.  Manage its pathway, prepare for potential fallout and be aware of the void it may leave in its wake.

Passion is often confused for love.  The difference is that love (or hate) is a value commitment. A perspective from which you choose your level to commit and, therefore, how you choose to live it.  You cannot assign the energy level to your free spirited passion.  You may not always love your work; you may only like it or even hate it… However, you may have a love (with passion) for what it allows you to do… to become… or what your work provides that feeds your sense of well-being.  Passion may move you, it is commitment that keeps you in the game.

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